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Winter Solstice

7 hours and 49 minutes of daylight.

How you can celebrate....

Winter Solstice is nature itself inviting us to really accept ourselves, so we can grow and cleanse and prepare for personal growth.

The solstice is regarded as the rebirth of the Sun. Ancient cultures feared the light of the sun would not return unless they performed fire festivals or rituals on the solstice. 

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It also is about traveling into the darkness. Symbolically, it is a time to turn inward, towards meditation, towards trusting intuition and your authentic voice, so you can reflect on what has been and what will come.

Rituals you can do to celebrate the Winter Solstice:

> Welcome the darkness. As the sun sets, turn off all lights and electronic devices. Light several candles and spend the evening reflecting on the dark and light. Use the darkness to help you reflect on this past year's challenges and embrace the light for gratitude towards the many gifts in your life. When you feel complete, set an intention for the coming year by inviting the light into your heart and visualize your intention coming to fruition.

> The Solstice is also about letting go and chasing away the darkness. Write down anything you may want to let go of and toss it into a fire place or bon fire. Bask in the warm glow of the fire as you celebrate renewal &, rebirth and welcome a new beginning.

Happy Winter Solstice - may the light guide you to a prosperous new year!

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